"In 1983, we began the mulch business,"
          recalls John Landis owner of Landyshade Mulch
      Products. "Now we receive hundreds of tractor-
trailer loads of mulch and screened topsoil every year,
and deliver it to landscapers and consumers in the
Hempfield area with our own trucks."

John and Doris Landis have always had the habit of
keeping their home and property well and it was that
habit that led to the start of one of their major
businesses, Landyshade Mulch Products. One day,
they decided to spruce up the flower beds and
garden around their large farmhouse so John picked
up a load of mulch from a company in Manheim in his
truck and dumped it out behind the barn. Soon,
friends from the neighborhood were stopping to ask
if they could buy some of the mulch he was using.
After hauling several loads for friends, he put out a
small sign along the road in front of the barn. It wasn't
long before people were stopping and asking if they
could have it delivered. And the rest is history…

What is mulch? Where does it come from? Here is a primer from the
mulch master himself. "Our stuff comes from tree bark, trimmed off at sawmills
in Perry County," according to John. "They grind the bark up, add water and keep turning
it over until it gets that brown color, then they send it to us."

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