Our woodchips are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to add a rustic natural touch to their garden or landscape path. This product is chipped from freshly cut trees and branches for the most efficient and eco-friendly surfacing option available. Woodchips are perfectly suited for paths, banks, and any other areas, providing durable ground cover. They have a rustic appeal that complements various garden styles, such as cottage gardens or woodland landscapes, and their earthy tones and texture blend well with the surrounding vegetation, creating a visually appealing environment.

Woodchips are often a cost-effective option and are generally less expensive compared to materials like gravel or paving stones. Installing woodchips is relatively straightforward, and they can easily be spread over any desired area with minimal preparation, laid directly on the soil or atop an existing base, as the perfect durable rustic ground cover option.

Price: $12.00/yard

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